About Malta

Malta, with its long and chequered history, has much to offer to lovers of art, architecture, history and archaeology. With clear blue skies and warm unpolluted sea, long hot summers and mild winters, picturesque villages, attractive natural harbours and sandy beaches, the island is an ideal resort for sun seeking visitors and a paradise for swimmers. Whether cruising around the island in warm summer days, simply wandering through narrow streets, or enjoying picnics in fields of yellow flowers, one is fascinated by the simple beauty of the country.

With an area of 320km2, Malta is the largest of a group of islands which lie approximately 93Km from Sicily. Located in the centre of the Mediterranean, Malta's position has been the key factor in its history. Malta inherited its wealth of colourful culture and its unique character from the various nations, which throughout centuries dominated the Mediterranean. You cannot but be enchanted by the grandeur of the prehistoric temples, ancient catacombs and the well preserved Auberges, its many churches, palaces and defensive fortifications built by the Knights of St. John.

The sister island Gozo, is a gem and may be reached by ferry - a 20 minute trip from Malta. Another tiny island called Comino, a spot of land between Malta and Gozo, is only inhabited by a handful of people.

Having been a British colony for over 160 years, Malta today has become synonymous with the English language, which together with Maltese, is the official language. English is spoken everywhere and by practically everyone, so out of the classroom your English education continues. You will hear English spoken in cafes, shops, tourist resorts, beaches, and most places associated with social and commercial activities.

This characteristic environment automatically helps students to immerse in the language. Besides having access to the English media, whether through newspapers, periodicals, radio or television programmes, students will savour Malta's warm hearted charm.

Photographs in right column are courtesy of Malta Tourism Authority
Photograph 1:  Mario Galea
Photograph 2: Malta Tourism Authority
Photographs 3, 4:  Clive Vella