English & Sport

We offer students the opportunity to combine English Language Lessons and sport activities of their choice.

Students may choose from two sport options to accompany their English lessons:

1)      either a combination of 3 different sports


2)      focus on one sport in particular

 English & Sport

Our English & Sport programme gives students the opportunity of experiencing different kinds of sport whilst immersing in the English Language. The choice of sports offered in this programme include football, squash, golf, tennis, windsurfing, scuba diving and swimming. Offered at all levels of English, English and Sport is a sure way of learning and staying active.

 Specific Sport Programmes

Our Specific Sport Programmes allow students to concentrate on learning and practising one sport of their choice after English Language lessons held in the morning. These programmes include 15 hours of English Language tuition and 6 hours of sport tuition per week.  

Specific Sport Programmes offered include:  

English & Windsurfing
English & Scuba Diving
English & Canoeing
English & Snorkelling
English & Fishing
English & Sailing (Laser Pico & Catamaran)
English & Swimming
English & Squash

 For more information about scuba-diving options please click here