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Link School of English

Learn English in Malta



Testimonial Tolga Cankorknaz Turkish.jpg
Tolga Cankorkmaz (Turkey)

On the tiny island of Malta there is one big family – it is called Link School family! I’m very happy to have been part of this family. So thank you Link School! I’m glad to have come here.


Testimonial Alexander Rabbat Swiss (2).jpg

Alexander Rabbat (Switzerland)

I am Swiss and 19 years old and I came to Malta for 3 months. Whilst at Link School I improved my English and therefore I moved from an upper-intermediate level to an advanced level. In Malta the weather is nice, the beaches are nice and there is great nightlife. Anne-Marie is the best teacher ever!

Testimonial Gerardo Julian Pastor Esbert Spainish.jpg

Gerardo Julian Pastor Esbert (Spain)

I am from Spain and I lived in Malta for three months. I arrived in Malta without much knowledge of English. I only knew words like ‘bye’, ‘thank you’ ‘good morning’ and a few more words. I studied a lot and my improvement is a miracle. I’m proud to say that my life in Malta was a dream: the landscape, the teachers, the students, and the office staff. This morning I searched the word ‘incredible’ in a dictionary and the meaning is ‘impossible or very difficult to believe’. Malta is like that. If you want to learn English, you must study at Link School. 

Testimonial Jaume Balart Clapes Spainish.jpg

Jaume Balart Clapes (Spain)

My stay at Link School was really nice. I would like to thank the office staff for their arrangements. All the trips were really interesting. I’d like to say thank you, especially to Andrew for his teaching lessons.

Testimonial Delong Sun.jpg

Delong Sun (China)

My upper-intermediate tutor, Andrew is a great tutor but a great friend as well. His skill of teaching and knowledge impressed me. After accumulating enough knowledge of grammar, I was taken good care of by Jojo during the IELTS course. Anne-Marie (my advanced tutor) is one of the best from all my teachers. She is always so helpful. I am thankful for the good environment which Link School has created for its students.

Misa Shirakova (Japan)

I’m Japanese, 19 years old and I stayed in Malta for 5 weeks. In Malta, my English improved incredibly. This is because at Link School I met a lot of fantastic friends and wonderful teachers. Before coming here, in Japan, I was very shy and also my English was very poor. So in Malta, I wanted to change myself. At Link School, as I studied English and met a lot of new friends, I started changing myself because I learnt a lot of good English and Link School also gave me a lot of experiences and opportunities. Now, I am talkative, out-going and cheerful and of course, my English is also improving! This is thanks to my Maltese friends, teachers and Link School.

Name: Arne
Profession: Marketing Lecturer
Course: General English, 30 lessons

I came to Malta to improve my English for my career. There was a good mix of different cultures and nationalities in class and all the students were very sociable. The teacher focused a lot on fluency and speaking. Role-plays were so much fun and they were good for building a community in class.

The teacher was very funny and had very good pronunciation. We were only allowed to speak English in class!

I chose to come to Malta because of the beautiful weather and the Mediterranean culture. I like the old buildings and the history.

Name: Ottmar 
Profession: College Lecturer
Course: General English with Metalwork English

I was sent here by my company to be able to learn how to speak about my industry in English. Now I can speak about Metal!

The lessons are very good and the teachers are perfect. I improved my English step by step and I can understand a lot better now.

It is a lot of fun and it is a bit like a holiday.

Name: Angela
Profession: IT Assistant
Course: General English

I came to Malta because I am taking an exam in Economics and Business Studies in English. Practicing my spoken English is very important to me; I have never had the chance to do this in Germany.

My teacher is very nice and she explains very well. My grammar and speaking have improved a lot

The weather is fantastic!

Name: Andreas
Profession: College Lecturer
Course: General English with Construction and Metalwork

My teacher was wonderful and enthusiastic. We were able to talk about many different things. We learnt grammar through speaking activities and now I feel that my level has improved considerably.

Our group was international and it was very interesting to learn about different cultures. We all had the same level of English as we did a very good test at the beginning of the course which put us in the right class.

Malta is a good place to go on holiday as the weather is great!

Name: Jurgen
Profession: Dental Technician
Course: General English

The best thing about the course was the speaking. I spoke a lot to the other students in my class and learnt a lot from them. I practiced giving presentations in class; this helped me with accuracy and fluency.

The teacher was very good and also very knowledgeable. We spoke about many different topics in class. I could also practice my English outside the classroom; in Malta, the people speak very good English.

The climate here is great, I’ve been sightseeing and it’s fantastic!

I would recommend Link School as the classes are small and the staff is very kind, friendly and they pay special attention to all the students.

Name: Rosemarie
Profession: College Lecturer
Course: General English

The teacher was the best thing about the course. I learnt a lot of interesting language and expressions from her. In class we discussed Malta, personal feelings and opinions and world issues.

I would recommend Link because it has helped me to really improve my English. My speaking is now very fluent!

Name: Kamran
Profession: College Lecturer
Course: General English with Construction and Metalwork

I think I learnt a lot of English from my course. The teachers had very good techniques. I was able to speak a lot so now I am more confident and my fear of speaking has decreased.

Malta is very beautiful; I have been here three times. It is a nice place to learn English and I will recommend it to all my colleagues.

Name: Serbulent
Profession: University Lecturer
Course: 12 Week General English Course

Throughout the course, I became more confident with speaking English. I moved up from B1 Intermediate level to B2 Upper Intermediate level. I enjoyed the course as I was given a lot of opportunities to speak in class.

I particularly enjoyed a conversation activity we went on in the evening with our teacher.

Name: Sibel
Profession: University Lecturer
Course: 12 Week General English Course

I think coming to Malta was very good for my English. I moved up three levels whilst being here and finished the course at Upper Intermediate B2. My teachers were very attentive and helped me when I needed them.

In the afternoon, I attended free tutorials focusing on my weak points. This helped me to improve further.

Name: Mustafa
Profession: University Lecturer
Course: 12 Week General English Course

In class we gave presentations focusing on our specialist areas. We first wrote out the presentations for homework, they were then corrected by our teacher. This helped us with our grammar and our mistakes. We then gave the presentations to the class without using any notes. As I am a lecturer, this helped me to prepare myself for giving lectures in English.

I am staying in an apartment in St. Julian's. I think it is the most beautiful area in Malta.

Name: Nusen
Profession: Doctor
Course: 12 Week General English Course

The stay in Malta was very beneficial to me. There were students of other nationalities in class so I was able to practice my English. We spoke a lot in class and our teacher was always very attentive, he always corrected our mistakes.

I like Malta. There is a lot to do and the people are very nice.


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